Initial Project Proposal

Project Topic

Displaying the effects of Climate Change on our future planet in an interactive manner.

Global Context

Globalization and sustainability

Why did you choose this global context?

Climate change is approaching rapidly. Without action in the next five years our planet will be on a path of inevitable doom. I choose this global context as it directly relates to the challenges we’ll be facing this year.

To reverse climate change, we will need to work together as a planet. We will need to seek out sustainable alternatives to our lifestyle. Examples of which would switching away from single use plastics and non-renewable energy.

Proposed Goal/Inquiry Question

In this personal project, I’d like to create a product that displays the effect that climate change will have on the planet in the future. The product should do so an interactive way that speaks to those under 18. It should also display the information in a concise way to prevent user boredom.

Personal Interest in Topic

Over the past few years, I’ve learnt a lot about climate change and its effects. I’m personally worried about what a world in 2050 would look like. This is a problem that will affect my generation a lot. I would also like to bring in my passion for computer programming and making hardware to create a super cool project!

Quick Facts

  1. 2019 was the second warmest year on record based on NASA’s data. It was just under 0.98 degrees C warmer than usual.
  2. 800 million people are currently vulnerable to climate change’s impact.
  3. US$ 140 billion per year would be the cost to reverse climate change.
  • Computer Programming
  • Web Design
  • Arduinos and electronics!
  • And hopefully start some new hobbies!

We’ve studied the effects of climate change extensively in both Science and Individuals and Societies. From here I am well informed on the importance to reverse climate change. I’ve previously done computer programming projects, but mostly outside of school as we don’t have CS and some teachers often don’t like it.


My main idea is to create a 4D interactive experience that uses electronics to simulate climate change. The user will enter a small room made from wood. They will then site in a chair. Once they are seated, I will begin the experience for them. On the TV in front a video will play welcoming them to 2050, their chair will rumble. The video will go on to show how in 2050 we will have a higher temperature, rising sea levels, unpredictable rain, stronger hurricanes and a lack of food all due to Climate Change. But why are they in a room? Well around them in this room there are all sorts of props controlled by electronics to make the experience more engaging. For example, when food is mentioned a fake hamburger will drop from the sky. But they won’t be able to eat that hamburger, it will just dangle in front of them. Then using a pulley system it will retract. We will also have a powerful outdoor fan connected to a cheap IoT smart plug (being controlled by electronics) that starts up to simulate a hurricane. I hope you get the idea. The video will be short about 1 minute but extremely well edited and synced with everything. There will be surround sound. Through some left overs from a hardware grants program I ran in the summer I will be able to afford the hardware.

Research Question

How can I create an interactive experience that both engages and teaches the youth about the effect of climate change?