Creating a goal

Specific: I will be creating a cinematic expirence that is contained to a room. The room will have a TV at the front, a chair in the middle and props surronding the chair. The TV will be playing a video, the props will be controlled via electronics and will be in sync with the video displayed.

Who? It will be targeted at those aged 16 and below.

Where? It will be semi-portable and displayed in the Personal Project exhibition.

Why? To promote the effects of climate change and encourage people to take more action around climate change.

Measurable: This project should showcase at least 4 different effects of climate change with accompanying visuals and props. The expirence should last at least 2 minutes from entering the room to exiting.

Attainable: I believe that this goal is attainable, I have prior experience in Python and limited experience in electronics. I have a reasonable amount of time to complete the goal, with this I plan to learn more to build on my knowledge. I also know quite a few people who know a lot about electronics.

Relevant: 2019 was the second warmest year on record based on NASA’s data. It was just under 0.98 degrees C warmer than usual. We need action now. With 800 million people (a growing number) currently vulnerable to climate change’s impact, this is extremely relevant.

Timely: I will complete the hardware setup by Oct. 31. I will then complete the software by Nov. 31st and lastly the exterior room by Dec. 31st. This will give me enough time to finish my written work.