Journal Entry

I got the following feedback:

I think your goal is highly challenging but realistic. It’s obvious you are interested in your topic and have prior knowledge. The global context is also related.

I think your goal is challenging, as I know you normally do not make hardware, hence it is great chance to learn! you clearly have some prior knowledge on this topic and you are passionate about it. I think you can make improve the quality of your product knowing your capabilities.

I think your goal is going to be really challenging. you will probably need high skills to achieve your goal, but this is realistic as well.

You have chosen a very interesting topic that immediately catches my attention. You have set a goal that appeals to the audience and it shows you think about your target audience and how they would react to your presentation. Your global context is related to your goal and you seem very passionate and knowledgable about your topic. I really like your project so far! - Nicola

It seems people feel I am on track. In terms of improving, I seems a need to fix up some details as I am already aware of and will be doing this week.